My story


A certain blogger I follow has gotten me wondering, why I do what I do. What made me start it all  and the truth is wonderment.

Wonderment is what got me into photography.

I was always interested in pictures, you know the old saying a picture says a thousand words. That quote and concept just fascinated me . I was that kid many years ago who took photos with her 2 megapixel phone . From every angle humanly possible.

My dad had seen this and at the age of 14 he gifted me my very first Canon compact smart camera ( does anyone remember those ?) That started this journey. Since then I have really honed my skills

When I started I really had no interested in this becoming my profession at all , rather a creative outlet as I was always a creative girl. I never imagined in a million years at all that growing up this would have been my path as my background was in sales and marketing.

But as time went on I had  continued taking photos and developed a connection with humanity and my lens.

I think photography is how I still have faith in humanity. For me photography puts in focus what is truly magical,truly beautiful in this world that seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the minute in this time of facebook , snapchat,instagram etc.

Being a woman and specifically a brown woman it is honestly really important for me to capture the good moments, the pure ones, especially after moments of being whistled at or just started and judged at for simply existing. Which has happened to me so many times that it has become white noise to me, But then this has helped me have a “who gives a damn” attitude.

As I sit here and look through all the photos I have taken over the years. The weddings,concerts, portraits of families in cultural functions and performances also. I have come to the conclusion that my aim has always been to capture a natural moment. Anything from a woman laughing carelessly to a couple gently holding hands as if they were holding each others lives.

It is how I still believe in the good and positive in the world that at times can leave one questioning where’s the good .